Bhubaneswar was one of the 95 Cities in India to register for #Cycle4Change challenge.

And So began a journey to make the Smart City of Bhubaneswar fitter.

We called the campaign CYCLEGIRI


To get more people involved in cycling, we needed to understand the challenges faced by the existing cyclists. Why, despite the conducive environment and decent infrastructure, cycling wasn't a trend in the city?


Despite having proper infrastructure developed for cyclists, the behavior of other commuters such as automobiles , auto rickshaw, cars and heavy vehicles - was apathetic to the needs of the humble cyclist.

A campaign called 'Respect the cyclists' was planned educating the commuters about traffic laws and the rights of the cyclists.


  • Positioned Number 1 Cycle4Change Keyword on Google for 3 straight weeks.

  • 10000+ New Cyclists to Hit the road by emphasizing Value, Emotion, Information.

  • Cycling became a permanent part of their lifestyle

  • The Smart City Of Bhubaneswar went on winning Stage-1 of Cycle4Change Campaign, and was awarded a prize money of Rs.1 Cr.